Elvish Course

My guide to the Language. I intend to compile here everything about Quenya. I mean everything one needs to know to get acquainted with all grammar, orthography, phonetics and declension rules. Sure it will take time. I have just started this site of mine. But, time is long, Arda is young; we the elves, have a long time to run yet, right? So, follow the elven path:

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Tengwar Alphabet

First things first. Learn the alphabet & how to write with those beautiful letters.


Time to assemble those letters. Careful! Quenya is full of rules & details.


How to adapt a weird foreign word in Quenya? Follow the tactics!


Reading is good, but what about listening? Time to bring your ears to the class!



Enroll yourself at the Elvish School Project and

start your Quenya Grammar Basic Course

Quick lessons for the acquisition of the language

30 responses to “Elvish Course

  1. Sam

    I would like to learn some basic quenya phrases so I can converse secretly with my friends in school.

  2. Tiyannah

    Is there any possibly way that I could get a name done in quenya? I want it for my first tattoo. i wanted the name Jonathan

  3. Hello
    i’m having trouble finding good sources or documents with some vocabulary. Is there any documents or websites i can use?
    thank you

  4. Patrik

    I have missed out where or if I can get help with my translation of the names of my family members. Can you please point out where I can make such a post

    Br Patrik

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