E! Anwa Quenta Endoro (Asta I)

Everybody knows sometimes things are hard to face, to deal and even….to believe. Find out below the true story that happened to some of the famous ones right after the defeat of Sauron. It’s no bed of roses…it’s just reality.

Olórin a.k.a. Gandalf

After helping defeat Sauron, Gandalf moved to Valinor and arriving there suffered a lot from unemployment. He considered retiring but couldn’t just do it since he was what we can call, buzz addicts. His own words: “I wanted action again, I wanted smoke my medicinal herb and smell slain Balrogs in the morning…nothing better than that!” After 99 weeks of hard unemployment, Olórin is finally working in a traffic intersection right next a Tirion Elementary School.

Fangorn a.k.a. Treebeard

In a compulsive trend, Treebeard started looking for Entwives more than ever. Unfortunately in one episode, he was caught and charged for misbehavior and indecent exposure. Now he’s doing time, says he regrets his past actions and cannot wait to start looking again for Entwives in “a more old-fashioned way”, says he.

Aragorn Elessar

After becoming King, Aragorn suffered from a severe eating disorder, gaining more than 320 pounds in only 1 year. He went to medical center in South Gondor to treat his morbid obesity and is doing fine right now weighing only 235. He says: “I almost can see my toe again. It’s a wonderful feeling. I wish I hadn’t eaten that much Lembas in only one week. It all started there. My appetite blew out of proportions.” Aragorn plans to open his own medical center where he’ll help other people to cope with the same problem.


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3 responses to “E! Anwa Quenta Endoro (Asta I)

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  2. Emma Undomiel or something


  3. poor old Olórin, he would be better off doing professional fireworks.

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