E! Anwa Quenta Endoro (Asta II)

“Nice guys finish last.” You may have already heard this saying. Nothing is truer when it comes to the real, the true story about Middle-Earth. Keep on finding out below the true story that happened to some of the famous ones right after the defeat of Sauron. Some may call it unfair, pure injustice, some may even call it a lie, but I simply call it: reality.

Gorthaur a.k.a. Sauron

After trying over and over again reaching a successful mandate through tyranny and dictatorship, Sauron moved on and realized he could do much better on a democratic regime. He thought things over for a time and now he says: “I wasted my time before. It’s so easy to deceit people, to pose like a good guy in order to get elected…you know…it’s a fun ride and in the end, I get the power the same way as before.” Rumor has it (at least evil rumor has it) that Sauron has already acquired a national network (CBS) in order to help him spread out his thoughts. (FOX News does it, why can’t he?)

Communication Broadcasting Sauron's

Foul tongues still say that he’s a genuine good-spirit Maia, giving beautiful gifts to his close friends.

C'mon, Sauron...not again!?

Anyway, behind all this foggy rumors, one thing is true: Sauron is becoming a nice young politician and he’s here to stay!

I see you…voting on me!


Future Gollum creature is uncertain. ‘We is cured from schizophrenia’, says he but no official medical evaluation was presented. Gollum still blames his minor shortcomings on “fat hobbitses”. So, cured or not from his disease, one thing is true: Gollum is a wonderful musical talent. He has played everything so far and played them wonderfully.

From drums to vocals, Gollum has captivated his fans with his ‘geniuses’. He’s the mind behind the multi-billionaire festival “Rock Into Mordor”. He has played on bands like KISS (Knights in Sauron’s Service) and now plans to start  his own band: Precioushh

Mouth Of Sauron a.k.a. Bad Breath Bill

Mouth Of Sauron (Bill for close friends) was always unhappy with his life. Low self-esteem since he was a child, in adult life he had no leisure time always working hard during night shifts with his voice. All of this have taken its toll. After the defeat of Sauron, Bill finally met his true self! He went through hundreds of  “surgical procedures” and now as you can see below, is super fabulously happy! She officially changed her name to Wilma and now is a successful teeth model for Colgate ads. Way to go, Bill…I mean…Wilma!

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