Man quentë?

Who said that Middle-Earth is technologically impaired?


We are not. It occurs to me that throughout the internet there are rumors that we, the elves, are a people living in the past, without much resources specially when it comes to science & high-tech. Well, that is so untrue! We have everything! I’d say we have even more! I’ll prove my point below as quick as light-speed (yes, we have already calculated that too):

Electric devices of all sorts

High-tech small devices


Our computer scientists and engineers are immortal


And after a crazy professor with white messy hair has visited us in a strange automobile, we even have got Sports Almanacs predicting the future (soooo much better than the Palantíri) and we have boosted our weapons technology too!


So,…who is “technologically impaired” now, huh? Huh!?

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