Top 10 Arda

What a sweet music they make!!!! There are so wonderful smash hit songs here in Arda, that I wanted to share with you all, my dear beloved elves, the beauty, the tenderness, the juice and the fragrance of all those delightful songs. So here comes the Top 10 Chart according to Elvish Billboard:




Lothlöryen – There And Back Again
(2005) – Brazil

Lothlöryen is one of the bands basing all their songs in Tolkien mythos. This song is excellent for all headbangers hobbits. #1 in Hobbiton and the whole Shire!



Burzum – Dunkelheit
(1996) – Norway

There are days  you wake up feeling a bit Orcish, you know. Burzum is for those days! Band of orcs lead by Count Grishnackh, their song promises to trample your ear down and eat your flesh with its monotonic sounds



Tengwar – Namarie
(2008) – Argentina

Bagpipes, flutes, violins…who doesn’t love that? Wait…do they sing in Quenya the poem Namárië? That’s why Galadriel is the founder of their Fan Club here in Valinor! Now I get it!



Summoning – Lugburz
(1995) – Austria

Sometimes you don’t feel like an Orc, you are an Orc! So..grab your filthy scum to join you and enjoy the poetry of this cursed band and roar along with the lyrics!



Emilíana Torrini – Gollum’s Song
(2002) – Iceland

This is such an incredible song, video, everything! You can sense Gollum’s suffering in her voice and the lyrics are so well-written. How we loves this one. It’s really a precious one!



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