Top 10 Arda (Countdown continues)

What a sweet music they keep on making!!! Now we resume our countdown as we’re delighted by these wonderful songs! Search more from those bands presented here and you’ll find a vast treasure of Tolkien related songs. One better than the other!



Rhapsody – Lux Triumphans
(2000) – Italy

The lyrics may not be Tolkien-based, but this song is so epic, such a grandeur in it and with this Lord Of The Rings video…superb art frame to the pleasure of our pointy ears!



Battlelore – Sons Of Riddermark
(2003) – Finland

This one is indeed the Rohan National Anthem! All valuable Rohirrim ride with this tune on their Ipods! Battlelore is a jewel from Finland singing all their songs about Arda. Dig them and you’ll see!



Blind Guardian – The Bard’s Song
(1992) – Germany

“NOW YOU ALL KNOW…” This is sung around all Anárion bars and pubs…this is so great to have sung with a pint of beer at hand. Blind Guardian is the ultimate band when it comes to Middle-Earth!


Nightwish – Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan
(2004) – Finland

My ears trick me. I hear Quenya but cannot understand the words! That’s why this is #2. Beautiful human language with exactly the same Quenya phonetics! I really wonder if that’s not a Morinquendë singing!



I hate to do that right now but…



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