Happy New Year?

Well…the new year has started! Today is the first day, Yestarë of the year 139. You may already know that, but maybe what you don’t know is how you should feel about it. Humans usually celebrate it following traditions passed from civilizations which they are not aware of. But in Middle-Earth, it’s different! Check what you think about new year starting depending on your race:


This is a sad day. No point in celebrating. The world is fading, the immortality each year seems to be a curse. Don’t bother wishing an elf  “Happy New Year” because the passing of time is not a happy thing.



New Year? Let’s celebrate! Even though we’re gonna die, please fill my cup and don’t wake me up early next morning.



Is there gonna be food and drink and fireworks? I don’t care what we’re celebrating, call me in


New…. Year? What…. does…… that ……mean? Is……. Spring……….. back? Hrmmmm……Good…….. good.



Orcs don’t know how to count. It doesn’t mean anything to them the counting of days and years. But if they did know, they’ll surely hate the old year, the new year and every single year you can come up with.



Dwarves like celebrations but they take the New Years’ day to reflection and pondering on their lives and their new weird infants (as you can see here with glasses) reincarnated in the last year.

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  1. Arandur

    Amazing! 😀

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