Elven Fashion

For all the elves out there (or the ones who like our race), here’s the ultimately fashion tip coming straight from Tirion!

Firstly some nice panties with this awesome catching phrase in Sindarin:

Pedo mellon a minno

Say friend and enter

Isn’t it just perfect for a pair of panties?

 Then some T-shirts (with Tengwar English Mode) for the funny lil’ elf inside each one of us:

Elven wannabe

Something in elvish

If it’s chilly out there..don’t worry, there are long-sleeves also! This last one it’s the best of all! I won’t give the translation here (that’s part of the fun) but it is also written in Tengwar English Mode. That’s the hint for you to read that!

??? (Translate if you can)

Are you interested to buy them? Do it right now in this Australian site: http://www.cafepress.com.au/+tengwar+t-shirts

Didn’t you think that was for real, huh? 😀 It is!!! You can have them!


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2 responses to “Elven Fashion

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  2. Excellent blog by the way . Very Nice Lay out and design . Very good execution on this on mate .

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