Creating some Tengwar

Unfortunately, there are not many Tengwar fonts created so far around the net. Most fonts are restricted to Annatar, Sindarin, Quenya, Noldor & Eldamar styles. Some bring some new flavor, but to a creative person the sky is never the limit! So shall we go beyond?

I was experimenting with some fonts I got here and suddenly I found out we can write Tengwar with most of them! If you’re a beginner you mat not understand what I’m talking about, but if you’re advanced in Tengwar writing, you’ll definitely agree with that! Take a look and check what I mean:

The fonts above ARE NOT Tengwar fonts. They’re regular ones but with some adjustment here and there, voilà..that’s become Tengwar! Above I was writing down my name Erunno (Mámë also) and as you can see I was able to create some really odd styles for Tengwar alphabet.

Sure, it’s not practical at all writing a whole text with it, but now and then when you wanna create some stylish heading in Quenya, don’t despair! It’s possible!!! Contact Quenya 101 Institute and we show you how! 🙂


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3 responses to “Creating some Tengwar

  1. Where can I find the Tengwar Annatar and Quenya fonts?

  2. Arandur

    That’s SUPERB. Thank you! Often Tengwar fonts are a matter for calligrapher. You never know how they will come out 😀

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