Elvish bands you may know….(or not)

I was still playing with some Fonts and I came up with this idea just for fun, you know. So I wrote the name of some bands translated to Quenya with their proper style and font, like an alternate logo (for Middle-Earth tour :D)

Try to figure them all out! Some are easy, some are harder…but anyway….enjoy the puzzle and let’s see how far you go in this particular challenge!

Too easy? Too hard? Send me your guesses through here or Twitter!


White Tree Award


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15 responses to “Elvish bands you may know….(or not)

  1. Allison

    I don’t know bands, but I thought his might be a good translating exercise…

    # 10- God Struck?

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  3. Guillaume

    4 – ???
    6 – Megadeth?
    7 – Rammstein
    8 – The Offspring
    10 – ???
    13 – AC/DC
    14 – ???
    15 – System of a Down

    • Hell yea, man!!!!! You almost stroke them all! Pretty nice!!!! All correct! Just a small detail: System of a Down is #16 in the list.

      Most bands people have already found out, except by #4,10 & 14

      We’re almost there! Keep going! When all is finished, I’ll post the keys and results of the challenge!

      • Guillaume

        Thanks 🙂
        Yeah sorry SOAD is #16.

        #4: get it, it’s Slipknot!
        #10: no idea :/
        #14: I’ve already seen this font before but I can’t remember which band it is, argh ><

  4. Felipe

    Below Iced Earte, I think that is EDENBRIDGE, right?

    • Hmmm…unfortunately not! I don’t know this band at all. If it is the exact font, it’s just coincidence and the name translated is not Edenbridge.

      Keep trying, you can do it!

  5. renan

    Helca Arda: Iced Earth
    Andor: The Doors
    Miquë: Kiss
    Carmar Ar Lóter: Guns and Roses

  6. 1.-Iron Maiden
    4.- ???
    5.- Nightwish?

    • Yes yes…4 guesses are super right!!!! Keep trying the others!!! The 4th band which you don’t know yet, gives it away by 1 letter only! (my special tip for you)

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