Most famous sex song in Quenya!

Oooow what a song! This is more than a song! Words here in this post fail me! It doesn’t matter if it’s in English, French or Quenya, I cannot describe here how good this song is! So if you live in a cave and don’t know this song YET, listen to it now and have it translated to Quenya! (Yes, elves do have sex too! Or do you really think elven kids are brought by the stork?)

Lyrics (or moans if you like)

Je t’aime

oh, oui je t’aime

moi non plus

oh, mon amour…

comme la vague irrésolu

Je vais je vais et je viens

entre tes reins

et je me retiens

Tu es la vague, moi l’île nue

tu vas tu vas et tu viens

entre mes reins

 et je te rejoins –

l’amour physique est sans issue




Quenya Version


ai, ná, melinyel

lá yando nin

ai, melmenya…

ve i útulca falma

Lelyan lelyan ar tulin

imbë hirdelyat

ar avaleryan immo

Nalyë i falma, nanyë i helda tol

lelyal lelyal ar tulil

imbë hirdinyat

ar veryan lenna

I hroamelmë ná ú metto

Lá! Sí á tulë!

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