Alassë & Ithildil

And here are the 2 names who could crack down the last post’s puzzle.

Very good, folks! Congratulations to Alassë & Ithildil (from Brazil & Mexico respectively)!

Alassë even helped me with some details I will research deeply in the next couple of days.

Well, if you weren’t that fortunate in solving this Quenya word serch and have already given up the quest, check the keys below according to Ithildil himself:


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8 responses to “Alassë & Ithildil

  1. Natallie

    Hi. Just for you know, the Valinor Forum is the largest forum for fans of Tolkien. It is very popular in Brazil.
    You can check out the site Valinor, but it’s all in Portuguese.

    • I know! I am already there too. I can understand a bit of Portuguese and write as well, but I hadn’t got the true grasp of its popularity. It’s huge!

  2. Pim

    Alassë is an awesome girl! o/

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