Guide to the Elven Quest


Everything is easy to comprehend when there are examples about it, right? So I’m taking the chart of last post and giving you guys some example of how I’ve helped people around here with Quenya translations following that elven path.



Q: How do I say “meet” in Quenya?

 A: Yes, there is an attested word for that! In fact there are more than one. Check the possibilities:

  1.  Verb velë = to see (in the sense of meet)
  2.  Verb comya / hosta = to assemble, to gather
  3. Verb omentë = to meet (not an attested word by itself, but reconstructed from ‘omentië’ = meeting (gerund nominal form)



Q: How do I say “I miss you” in Quenya?

A: Well, there is no verb ‘to miss’ in Quenya and no synonyms to it too, so we definitely need to adapt it. Check the steps below:

  1. Finding an expression which would mean almost the same thing as “I miss you”
  2. Checking if the expression found is easily composed into Quenya
  3. Use it!

What I found in this case was: “I wish you were here”

(I wish you were here = I miss you) = Merin sinomë nelyë


Mithrand irWonka

Q: How do I say “revolution” in Quenya?

A: Certainly there is no word for that in Quenya! Tolkien didn’t think Elves would be political revolutionary beings! What to do now? Let’s try a different but common approach: etymology! Let’s research:


  1. Where  does the word ‘revolution’ comes from?
  2. Latin! Lotta words come from it. What does it mean literally?
  3. It means ‘revolve, turn, roll back’. Through it, can we compose something in Quenya?
  4. Yes! Nuquerna = reversed, “under-turned”.

So, that’s it! Nuquerna it will be! Is it a perfect, right at the spot, bulls-eyed translation? Of course not…but it’s what we can with the tools we have.



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8 responses to “Guide to the Elven Quest

  1. Eruntano Handë-Kelumessen

    Hi everyone,
    what about “nuquerna karo” for “the act of revolving; revolution” ?

  2. Eruntano handë-kelumessen

    Hi everybody,
    happy newby here : )
    what about “the act of revolving, revolution” = nuquerna karo ?

  3. What does “nuquerna” mean, and, what does “sindarinwa” mean?

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