Blind Guardian – Lord of The Rings (Full Quenya version)

This is the prize for the best video of the month of Tuilë! As I promised, I translated the whole winner song for Quenya.  So below you can enjoy the video, the Quenya lyrics, the Tengwar version AND there’s also a ridicule version of me, myself and I trying to sing the Quenya lyrics according to the song’s tune. Anyway…I know the joke is on me (because I stink) but I don’t mind!

Enjoy! 😀

Quenya lyrics

Eä tengwi cormassë ya carir nyérenya

Eä er querië mól ilyë cormar hirien ilya lúmessë

Ar tulië te mornienna

Tennoio nauvantë nauta

Neldë aranin Eldaron tára calassë

Nertë fíriman ya naina

Haryuvan i corma nyérinqua

Haryuvan i corma tenna firin

Á querë lenca ar cirin síressë

Á querë lenca ar vantan ambonna

Ar umis ettië


I mordor undu núlë Sauronwa

Tyarnë caurë anda lúmë

Tyarnë caurë anda lúmë

Otso cormar Naucoin hrótantassë



Er corma i mant Morna Heruva hára mahalmassë

Nóressë ta morna yanna mauya nin lelya

Haryuvan i corma nyérinqua

Haryuvan i corma tenna firin

Heru i Million

LISTEN HERE  (if you have the guts)


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11 responses to “Blind Guardian – Lord of The Rings (Full Quenya version)

  1. Aerandir Ithilion

    Yay! My favorite song translated to Quenya!

    Pitty I can’t hear it….soundcloud keep having a bug when I try to access it. Any other way I can hear it?

    By the way…..lovely website. Landed here whilst searching for Eldar Laws and Customs….do you have anything on Elven name-changes?

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  4. Nibenon Aphaderuion Nanwë Talandorion

    very good, i was just searching for this 🙂
    there is however one problem, as i can see, there is a part missing from the second verse, it goes:
    “Seven rings for the dwarves in their halls made of stone
    into the valley, i feel down
    one ring for the dark lords hand, sitting on his throne,
    in a land so dark, where i have to go”
    now, i am no expert in Quenya (so correct me if im wrong)
    i assume
    “Er corma i mant Morna Heruva hára mahalmassë
    Nóressë ta morna yanna mauya nin lelya”
    are the first two lines, but where are the last two?
    and second (just a nitpicking issue, not important at all 😛 ) it doesnt end with another “i keep the ring full of sorrow” etc., but with “i keep the ring” x5 or 6 times and then another “slow down, and i sail on the river, slow down and i walk through the hills” (but thats just nitpicking)

    • Thank you for your feedback!

      I’m glad you found this, what you were looking for! Awesome to share with people who like Blind Guardian as well as Quenya!

      I checked closely what you said about missing parts and I found none!

      Here they are:

      Seven Rings for the Dwarves in their halls made of stone = Otso cormar Naucoin hrótantassë

      Otso = seven
      corma+r = ring+plural marker
      Nauco+in = dwarf+dative plural suffix
      hróta+nta+ssë = artificial cave, rockhewn hall+their+locative suffix

      The sentence you assumed is the next one, talking about “One ring to the Dark Lord hand….”

      In the end of the song, as it repeats what I already translated above, I didn’t mind to repeat that there too. You know, when we check some lyrics and there’s just written Repeat Chorus or Repeat Bridge. That’s why I simply pasted the whole sentence ‘Haryuvan i corma…” without minding for the exactly wording there in the end.

      That was it!

      • Nibenon Aphaderuion Nanwë Talandorion

        thanks man makes much more sense now 🙂
        and thanks for the quick reply too.

        and your site rule! you just got another regular reader

        • Pleasure to have you aboard!!!!

          I try my best to rely as quick as I can! Sometimes it’s hard, (as many people request lotta things here) but you will always have an answer!

  5. Natallie


  6. Natallie

    Oi. Onde você conseguiu a imagem acima? A letra é da música, não é?
    Eu queria pedir uma coisa: estou procurando uma imagem para ilustrar um trabalho acadêmico que estou escrevendo sobre Tolkien. Você permite que eu use a imagem que você publicou aqui, a primeira página do Ainulindalë em quenya? Eu ainda estou pesquisando sobre imagens e essa sua é linda. Gostaria de usá-la. Se você permitir, me envie ela com o seu nome inserido na imagem, embaixo no canto, só para eu dar os créditos.

    • This image here is the lyrics of Lord Of The Rings from Blind Guardian. I composed the image, with the background, a faded image of the ring and the lyrics which I wrote myself. If you wanna use this one or any other image here in my site, feel free to do it! It’s my pleasure! Please, just give the credits to my site My name is Erunno Alcarinollo and through my elvish name I’d like to be mentioned and known too.

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