Laws and customs of Eldaron families II

Continuing from the previous post, here I’ll write something about the true meaning of elvish union, divorce & even child begetting and bearing!

Source: The History Of Middle-Earth Volume X: Morgoth’s Ring p.209 ff

Elvish union & divorce

Something very interested caught my attention while reading Morgoth’s Ring: what’s the reason elves got married? Do they love as humans do? Do they lust? Do they cheat?

Well, most elves did get married, but the reasons within their nature to do so, are slightly different from humans. Their union was based on love and such an union was achieved “bodily”, but there was a union between their fëar (Quenya for ‘spirits’) very deep and something not easily grasped by humans.

They were always united by their spirits and no matter what happened, how far they were, they were always united by this eternal bond stronger than love but having its base on the latter. Because of that, elves didn’t lust or cheat their partners. They absolutely didn’t feel like it. That would be something unnatural to their core nature. Interesting, huh?

What happened then when the partner died? The marriage was still on and the fëar kept being united until the end of Arda! Wow!

Wait! That wasn’t the case with Finwë & Míriel! She died after begetting Fëanor and Finwë married again! Aha! What happened then?

That is the Statute of Finwë & Míriel discussed and created by the own Valar. They had a conclave to decide what to do with Finwë being grieved and alone. As death is unnatural and it came to pass due to Arda Marred caused by Melkor, they allowed Finwë to be married again as long as his spouse would free him to do so (She was at Mandos and she refused to go back to life). Much harm was caused by Finwë’s second union and even though his fëa never became totally “disunited” from Míriel Serindë.

Elvish begetting & bearing of children

Another interesting spot here. And it also concerns Míriel and her son Fëanor.

So, while humans take 9 months to deliver, elves take 1 year! (it seems more flour is needed to bake an elvish cake, huh? 😀 ). Usually elves are born in Spring, but this is not a rule!

It might be thought that, since the Eldar do not (as Men deem) grow old in body, they may bring forth children at any time in the ages of their lives. But this is not so! Here comes an insight about fëa  once again!!! Their bodies and spirits are coherent joined together. They are not separated. Elves do grow old, even though it’s very slow to humans’ eyes, and their fëar  play a major role in begetting children. Part of it, it’s transferred to the children. That’s why we see small families all around Arda!!! Think about it. Fëanor got 7 kids (we had a “grand” spirit) but apart from that, no big families! AHA! I’ve always wondered why few children among the elves!

Now, here’s the trick about Fëanor too! His spirit was so fiery and grand, that his mother couldn’t bear the weight of life anymore. Too much of her spirit was spent on his birth, and she didn’t put up with the ‘heaviness’  of body’s life. So, from his childbirth Fëanor was guaranteed to be one fiery troublemaker! (Owwwwww…..That’s why he was always beating up and getting beaten by other kids in Kindergarten) 😀


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