It’s Friday! (I mean…it’s Beerday!)

Finally we got a new sponsorship deal signed! Newly fresh, I’m most honored to present to you the best beer in the whole Buckland, exported to all the four corners of Middle-Earth, including the  Far Harad and Bellakar.



When you see the red star sign or the green dragon insignia in a pub, be sure to know: They have the best beer you could possibly have in Middle-Earth!


Don’t order for the light, sissy, girlie beer version of the Prancing Poney. Head straight on to: Lailócë! Because your inner dragon deserves it! Quench it!



Recommended by all Rohan horses!

Lailócë is a product designed for elves over 50 years old,  men over 18 years old, hobbits over 33 years old and dwarves over 1 month old. Lailócë should not be consumed by minors. Drink responsibly. Share it with your horse.



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9 responses to “It’s Friday! (I mean…it’s Beerday!)

  1. Hyliank

    Question: Why is the writing read “Lailócë” and not “Lailóëc”? From the reading direction of the first four glyphs (from up -> down -> right // repeat), I would have expected the diacritic representing “o” on calma and a seperate “e” on a vowel placeholder last.

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  5. Elves = 50 (reasonable I suppose)
    Men = 18 (Of course)
    Hobbits = 33 (I didn’t know that!)
    Dwarves = 1…..month (Huh? What on earth? I guess its the dwarves intolerance to beer) 😀

    Your last sentence had me cracking up! Very witty. Did TOlkien ever state the actual age stage (?) of the different species? (1-3 toddler, 4-11 child, etc?)

    • Here and there, Tolkien did. I read recently on Morgoth’s Ring (History of Middle-Earth Volume X) about the maturity of elves as well as their childhood. I even commented a bit here: &

      Hobbits is well-know I think. Frodo becomes ‘of age’ on that famous party in the beginning of Lord Of The Rings. He was a minor before that and he turns 33 while Bilbo turns 111.

      I can’t recall (if there’s any information) about Dwarves maturity. And as we know Dwarves’ taste for beer, that’s how the joke was born I guess. Instead of milk,…BEER! 😀

      • Hey, before refrigeration became cost-effective in the average household, beer was by far the better alternative to milk and even water. It contains many nutrients, and the alcohol helps to preserve it. I’m not sure if all commercial beer is that healthy anymore, but as long as you drink in moderation, it can actually be good for you. Also, barring the legal issues, introducing alcohol to kids in their mid-teen years is much more reasonable than waiting until they’re 18 or 21 because they learn responsible drinking when they’re with their parents. Peers are the worst educators when it comes to drinking responsibly.

        • I agree with the health issues around alcohol! It is good as long as you don’t have it in excess. However, teens are never ready for it no matter who’s the one to introduce them to drinking (be it parents or not)

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