Attention all Tolkien fans! (Yeah, right!)

Do you remember my story about the girl on the bus stop? No? So, here it is quick:

“One day I was on the bus stop, reading The History Of Middle-Earth. A girl came to me and started talking about Tolkien and stuff. She loved it as well. She had a tattoo on her foot. She showed me and I thought: “Poor little girl”. Why? It was written NOTHING AT ALL in Tengwar, just a scramble of letters with no meaning.”

Alright, that’s the story. But what’s it got to do with this post?

Simple: DO NOT have a tattoo if you can’t understand what’s written on it.

According to the site, it's written: Peregrin! Question: Where??? Because the only written thing there is, it's: "-fntfñntsw"

Well, now for the first time ever I have stumbled upon someone that TEACHES WRONGLY people how to tattoo in Tengwar. That’s right! I’ve never seen something like that, but the girl is convinced she knows how to write in “elvish”! I pointed out her absurd mistakes and she said: ‘”I’m simply following Tolkien” and “there’s no perfect way to write it” because he changed things often with time’.

Where in Arda oh dear Eru is there a single dot inside a lambë?

Not only she wrote that, but that’s a suggestion one is willing to take and have it tattooed on one’s skin. Seriously, where does Tolkien talk about single dot inside a lambë? What does that mean?

And the funniest part of all (if it’s funny anywhere), is this:

Yeah, that’s right!

She’s charging MONEY to save you “from the embarassment and pain” of having some gibberish tattooed on your skin

And the moral of the story is:

DO study Quenya! Don’t trust everything you see on the internet. BE EXTREMELY careful with tattoos and people who say “I can write in elvish“, specially those who wanna charge money to help you!

If you wanna keep laughing about this bitter tragedy, here is her tumblr:

If you wanna have a shortcut and learn the real stuff about Tengwar, here’s my Smart Course:

If you don’t trust her nor me (you do very well) learn the course at the best source possible, Helge Fauskanger:

Who is he? Well, that’s something for the next post……

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7 responses to “Attention all Tolkien fans! (Yeah, right!)

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  3. Elemmirë

    Please, the Tengwa is called LAMBE 🙂

    • You’re almost right. It’s lambë (with diacritics)

      And lamba was an addendum that Carl F. Hostetter and Patrick H. Wynne made at “Addenda and Corrigenda to the Etymologies” in Vinyar Tengwar ##45 (Part One) and 46 (Part Two).

      But anyway…I’ll correct the word here at my post.


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  5. Stephanie

    Are you seriously going around to defame me everywhere? This is ridiculous and completely uncalled for.

    • Dear Stephanie,

      It saddens me to know that you mistook and understood not my real intentions when writing this post of mine.

      As you may be aware of, this site called is designed to Tolkien fans (as you yourself are) and focused on everything related to the elvish language Quenya and its writing system known as Tengwar. There are also some additional info about songs, lyrics, pop-culture, movies, sitcoms, funny images and so on (always being related to the above). Having the goal of this site in mind, I invite you to analyze the facts below:

      Recently, your unorthodox methods of helping people with Tengwar writing through money payment have called my attention as personally, I had never given any thought to the idea of charging people money for translations, calligraphy or the like.

      Furthermore, not only people were supposed to pay you but they were supplied with a deficient service (as it’s clear to anyone who have had an insightful Quenya study through and with all the linguistic material provided by Tolkien and thoroughly analyzed and compiled by dozens of passionate linguists such as Helge Fauskanger, the Vinyar Tengwar personnel, etc.) and unfortunately as I have seen, some were even eager to have your compositions tattooed on skin.

      As you wrote yourself, Tolkien fans must be fully aware and cautious when tattooing something written that they are not sure what means exactly nor if it’s correctly written at first place. It’s praiseworthy this concern of yours and I share the same disposition towards the matter. That’s exactly the intention of my post. Call the attention of Tolkien fans about getting a wrong written tattoo, be it by ignorance, by deception or by distraction involving certain details of Tengwar writing.

      So, if you want some FREE help to expand and enhance even more your Quenya and Tengwar knowledge, I’ll be delightful to provide it or to point out where you can get the best possible, even though last time you dismissed me impolitely with your “gtfo and don’t correct me”.

      Best Regards,

      Erunno Alcarinollo
      Quenya101 Staff

      PS: If I wanted to defame you, I would not approve this comment of yours here, I would not share your thoughts here with others about the topic and lastly, but not the least, I would not care to elucidate your questionings with a response here.

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