Vinyë Quettaparmar SÍ!

This is designed for everyone. No matter how advanced you are in Quenya lore (or not), you will always need a trustworthy dictionary! I might not use the word ‘dictionary’ as the author himself didn’t. Wordlist sounds better. Anyway, if sometimes you need a dictionary for your mother tongue, imagine how useful would be an elvish wordlist! Here it is:

Through this NEW QUETTAPARMAR, I intend to compile everything Fauskanger has already done AND my own compositions too (which people often ask me and I compose here and there nonstop). You can see it was added in the header the abbreviation EAC  = Erunno Alcarinollo’s composition,  which I’m gonna use to identify clearly my additions in this new Quenya dictionary, I mean….new Quenya wordlist.

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Filed under Linguistics, Quenya, Vinya

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