OMG Dear Tolkien…were Men supposed to be immortal?

I had such an eye-opener today! I read the Tale of Adanel! Through this tale which contains the legends of the genesis of Men (Yes, Men…not the Elves) Andreth reveals to Finrod what happened in the beginning of days, why men die, why the shadow of death laid heavy on them all!


Spoiler alert if you haven’t read Morgoth’s Ring yet! If you have…nevermind.


So, according to Andreth in page 345 ff., Men were Immortal! They were designed not to die and they didn’t in the beginning. However, the Disaster happened early in the history of humankind. A Voice in The Dark spoke to them saying: “Ye are my children. I have sent you to dwell here. In time ye will inherit all this Earth, but first ye must be children and learn. Call on me and I shall hear; for I am watching over you.”  At that time, men didn’t have even invented words but they understood the Voice in their hearts and desired grew on them to make words and to understand the world all around, but learning was difficult and slow. 

Men sought the Voice as they had many questions and yearned for understanding but the Voice often answered: “First seek to find the answer for yourselves. For ye will have joy in the finding, and so grow from childhood and become wise. Do not seek to leave childhood before your time.”

But men were in haste…they desired to order things to their will, to shape many things as they wished and so they spoke less and less to the Voice.

Then, one appeared among them on their form, visible but greater and more beautiful and he had pity and said: “Ye should not have been left alone and uninstructed (…) The world is full of marvellous riches which knowledge can unlock” And he promised to clad Men as he himself was, with raiment that shone like silver and gold. And a crown was on his head and gems on his hair. And he said: “If ye wish to be like me, I will teach you” And Men took him as Master.

But he was less swift to teach than Men hoped though he had awakened many desires in Men’s hearts. And he brought and set before them all that they wished for and said: “I am the Giver of Gifts and the gifts shall never fail as long as ye trust me.”

Therefore, Men revered him and trusted him and became enthralled by him. And Men soon feared to return to a life without him and his gifts, aid and knowledge. Men were eager to know, to have and to control the World as they know it.

What he taught them seemed good, but more and more he kept talking about… Darkness. And he said Darkness was Great and to be feared and he had came from the Darkness but was Its Master. He would protect them from Darkness.

Men talked about the Voice and his face became terrible to behold and he said: “Fools! That was the Voice of the Dark. It wishes to keep you away from me and to devour you for It is hungry for you.”

And we fell upon our faces……

Chiefly revelations coming up next. To be continued….

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