Hmmm, that’s how Men became mortals then?!

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And he said: “There are some among you who are still listening to the Voice of the Dark and therefore It is drawing nearer. Choose now! Ye may have the Dark as Lord, or ye may have Me. But unless ye take Me for Lord and swear to serve Me, I shall depart and leave you; for I have other realms and dwelling places, and I do not need the Earth, nor you.”

And in fear, Men took Him as Lord and they said: “Thou art the Lord. Thee only we will serve. The Voice we abjure and will not hearken to it again.”

And He asked Men to build Him a temple upon a high place and call that place the House of the Lord, and there He would come and Men should make petitions there.

And when Men had built a great house for Him, He came and said: “Now come forth any who still listen to the Voice.” But for fear, some who did, remained still and said naught. “Then bow before Me and acknowledge Me!” And Men did and said: “Thou art the One Great, and we are Thine.”

And He went up as a Great Flame and Smoke and Men were scorched by the heat. And when He was gone, it was darker then night and Men became afraid of that. The former Voice of the Dark, Men never heard It again, except once. In the stillness of night the Voice said:

“Ye have abjured Me, but ye remain Mine. I gave you life. Now it shall be shortened, and each of you in a little while shall come to Me, to learn who is your Lord: the one ye worship, or I who made him.”

Then their terror of the Dark was increased. And some Men began to die in horror and anguish and they feared to go out into the Dark. And they called for their Lord to save them from death, but he did not answer. At last he came, but he was cruel, great and proud, indeed majestic. And He said he did not care if some Men died, that was a due punishment for hearing the Voice of the Dark and he promised that the ones who wouldn’t serve Him as Lord, would die sooner for He would slay them.

And Men died and they became enslaved by Him who deceiveth…..

And the moral of the story is:

Not all kinds of worship please God. Be careful with yours!


He, the Black Foe, who rises in Power.


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2 responses to “Hmmm, that’s how Men became mortals then?!

  1. So where is this written? In Athrabeth?

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