Watch Tolkien and Lewis debate!

This is a interesting portray of the debate between Tolkien and Lewis whether or not myths are lies. It’s interesting how Tolkien argued (lesson for all of us when we say for instance that Balrogs have [or not] wings). Anyway, through this conversation, ultimately Lewis who was previously an atheist converted to Christendom.


Theatre of the Word Inc. – Lewis and Tolkien debate myths and lies
(2011) – USA



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2 responses to “Watch Tolkien and Lewis debate!

  1. I haven’t understood: is it based on some real conversations or letters? Or what?

    • I’m not REALLY sure. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to read ‘Letter of J.R.R.Tolkien” to be sure about that. (if it was face to face talk or just letters), but historically, that’s what really happened between the 2 friends. Through this kind of conversations, Lewis left atheism and became part of ‘christendom’

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