Un Vala vive en Argentina!

¡Sí, volví de la magnífica República Argentina y sorprendentemente, visité una tienda de Oromë! ¿Qué? ¿Cómo? No lo sé ni yo pero mirad mis fotos! Ellas hablan más que palabras.

Esa es la tienda de Oromë, donde él vende tes, dulces y cremas de Rosa Mosqueta

El producto de Oromë. ¡Aldaron, el Señor del bosque!

Qué agradable coincidencia. No esperaba encontrar la tienda de un Vala en la Patagonia.

 Oromë – de cazador a recolector

Todo se cambia un día, ¿no? Hasta los Valar 🙂


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12 responses to “Un Vala vive en Argentina!

  1. Carnillë

    It makes sense that Argentina (Telpina) means : “of silver”, in Latin “argentum” means silver and thanks to Pau i now know that “telpe” means silver in Quenya. ¡Gracias Pau! (: Where did you find this place though? I. :3 I’m from Corrientes Capital. (: By the way ¿Te gustó Argentina?

    • Muchísimo!

      I found this place in San Carlos de Bariloche. It was down the road where we were visiting near the Llao-Llao Hotel.

      • Carnillë

        That’s great! I’m glad you liked it! Bariloche is one of my favorite places! I went there once when i was younger. (: My grandmother actually had planned to take us again soon so I might look for the shop while I’m there. (:

  2. (Do you have the Quenya translation for Argentina and Buenos Aires? I want it!)

  3. “yéni únótimë ve rámar aldaron!” Has probado el té de rosa mosqueta? Es muy rico!! A ver cuándo te tenemos de vuelta por Argentina!! 😀

    • I have tasted the tea, but I missed some sugar there. Mine was prepared with none and I sipped it right after tasting the dulce.

      Anyway….I was really impressed by all that you can do with that Rosa Mosqueta fruit. Amazing!

  4. Woha! Awesome 😛 I you let me a little correction, it would be “tampoco lo sé yo”, or far better “no lo sé ni yo”. “También” is only used as ‘too’, in positive sentences ^^

    Hope you seized your trip to Argentina!! Beautiful place 😉

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