Undisclosed pictures of Middle-Earth…

These are some pictures I took at my trip to the southernmost parts of Arda. (to be more specific: Telpina, great Telpina!) You may recognize some landscape easily as they’re familiar to Tolkien fans! Enjoy…and never forget: Middle-Earth is right there in the corner, it’s everywhere! Go for it!

Southern Helcaraxë (grinding ice) from above

The desert plains of Rohan

Rohan and the base of Ered Nimrais on the background

Next to Caradhras and its secret ski resort!

Climbing the Misty Mountains the easy way! Gandalf is so naive!

Feeding some gulls in a lake right next to Ered Luin

Getting near to the falls of Rauros

A sleeping Ent who happened to become too much treeish!

That reminds me so much of the winter in old Lake Mithrim...

Wait....it's Narnia!!! Damn, we're soooo lost!

Trying to get back through some interstate bus Narnia/Middle-Earth or something

Errr...wel....errr....nothing to comment here!

This is it! Namárië, ammára Telpina....namárië!



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2 responses to “Undisclosed pictures of Middle-Earth…

  1. Wow, this one looks like a real Narnia! =)

    • Indeed!!!! Too much! We couldn’t help taking pictures at this place. It was next to a road and a chapel. Actually, I think I took more photos of this spot, than the chapel itself! hehehe

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