Aranië Telpina (República Argentina)

This is my personal tribute to this country which I visited and (I really can’t explain why) feel it’s been a bit hard to forget. I simply loved it! So, to all Argentinian Tolkien fans, here’s a little gift. I hope you enjoy! (PS: Spread the word to ATA)

As you can see there, I composed names for all the Argentinian provinces according to its etymologies. Some of them were a bit easy, for instance Buenos Aires, Tierra del Fuego, Río Negro, Formosa and so on. Others, I had to research deeply the indigenous languages which they come from, like Neuquén. And there were other cases that I could compose nothing at all, due to the lack of etymology or simply the doubts involving some given. Then, trying to achieve the best result possible, I rendered an orthographic equivalent as seen in: Tyulvut, Tyaco and Mendósa.

I liked a lot the “experiment” and maybe I’ll do some other maps in the future. Let’s see!

If you’re not Argentinian and don’t know much Quenya, check the regular map here

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29 responses to “Aranië Telpina (República Argentina)

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  2. Martina

    Wow… That is amazing! Thank you so much! Now when people ask me where I’m from it’ll sound a lot cooler to say Celumer than to say Corrientes! I’m from Corrientes Capital and I also plan on spending this summer (once finals are over) learning and practicing the marvelous language that is Quenya. One question if you don’t mind: Where did you go? You said you visited?

    • Hello, Martina from Celumer! (Yes, it’s pretty cool saying that!)

      I loved loved loved your country! My interest in Argentina started a long time ago with Maradona and the soccer team. You know, I don’t like soccer but Fifa World Cup is something I enjoy watching!

      I went to Buenos Aires, Esquel and San Carlos de Bariloche. There were some minor cities I visited too. I love the people, the culture, the inflated nationality everybody seems to have. You’re a very determined people when it comes to politics and although I hate politics, I admire that in the nation. It’s only through hardships and struggle that you can see the true colors of a nation! I bow to Argentinian people!

      That’s why I made this map as the very first one of the series. Now there are many more, but #1 spot was dedicated to La Plata!

      • Carnillë

        😀 I’m glad you liked it so much! It’s true that one of the first things people ask me when I tell them where I’m from is “Do you know Maradona/Messi?” Anyway, Thanks again for making it (: You’ve made us feel special! I actually told one of my friends (the only one whose actually read LotR) that I’m from Celumer and they just said “You’ve been on quenya101 again haven’t you? What does that one mean? Argentina or Corrientes?” He knows me so well. Anyway, thanks again!!

        • HAHAHAHHAHA…..that really made my day! “You’ve been on Quenya101 again, haven’t you?”


          Oooooo how I wish to come back and visit mi hermosa Argentina!

  3. Hey there, I’m from buenos aires, and I really liked this map! I’m still struggling with the tengwar, but I plan on learning the language. I was wondering: can you actually hold a conversation in quenya?

    • Aiya meldonya Telpinallo! Melin nórelya!

      Ná, istan quetë Quenya ar qui haryan quén quetien se, istan quetitas.

      (Hola mi amigo de la Argentina! Amo tu país!

      Sí, sé hablar Quenya e si tengo [con] quién hablarlo, sé charlar.)

  4. Esteban

    Muchas gracias! Soy de Imbe Syriat (de Paraná su capital). Necesitaría una traducción si me podés ayudar de la frase “Ecce quam bonum, et quam iucundum, habitare Fratres in unum” (Miren que bueno, y que alegría, habitar los hermanos unidos)
    Thank you very much. I´m from Entre Ríos (Parana city). I want to know how can i translate to quenya “Ecce quam bonum, et quam iucundm habitare fratres in unum”. Thanks!

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