No…I’m not saying farewell! It’s just the super famous poem of Tolkien sang in this video which I’d like to share! Of course, bad pronunciation is everywhere, but the voice soothes one’s annoyance by the mispronunciation, I think. At least, it happened with me!

Why did I say ‘of course, bad pronunciation is everywhere’? Well, because it seems to me that Quenya stress pattern makes really hard for singing it. I tried sometimes and it looks like the rhythm itself pushes you to mispronounce the words! It’s weird but that’s how it works when you sing in Quenya like she did below. And if you do…your sins are forgotten.

Miriam Peirone – Namárië
(2009) – Italy

Watch more here!

White Tree Award


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8 responses to “Namárië!…

  1. I was soothed by this poem and repeated it over, and over again, for 2 hours.

  2. shanothaine

    Thank the Sindarine I found this blog.x

  3. renan

    good version also

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