Lembas King has renewed our contract!

As you may be aware of, Quenya101 Institute has been sponsored by Coimaso Aran since February, 2011. We had signed a 6-month contract and near to its end, the negotiations were not that smooth again. (Damn you capitalism).

Anyway…I’m honored to announce we have extended our contract and Quenya101 is still under its sponsorship and now presents its NEW DESIGN:

So…when you feel the itsy bitsy tiny hunger biting you inside…don’t let it become a monster…or an orc…or even a balrog! Head to Lembas King, where you can have it your way and you know that at Lembas King, there is only… 

(OBS: New Coimaso Aran design done by Morconer and published in his Tumblr in 07/18/11. Excellent job, man!)



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3 responses to “Lembas King has renewed our contract!

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  2. Istar

    I’m no Quenya expert, but isn’t “coimas” derived from “massa” (bread), making its root “coimass-“? The double “s” disappears when it is final of course, but in other forms it returns, giving the genitive form “coimasso” rather than “coimaso”. And even if it weren’t derived from a longer root, the genitive still wouldn’t be “coimaso”, but rather “coimaro”, just like the genitive of “cas” (head) is “caro”. I’m sorry if I messed up, because I’m still an intermediate Quenya-user.

    • Hmmm, very interesting what you brought here, Istar. Did you happen to see in any Tolkien material that root for coimas which you mention here?

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