Endor & Valariandëo Omentië

I’d like to invite all fans of Football & Tolkien to join our Fantasy Football League. And I mean Football, not soccer. (sorry Europeans).

Its name is Tolkienites and by clicking on the link here you can check the league home page on the site of NFL. Currently, there are 8 players already and 8 slots available for new players who would like to join. There will be 4 divisions, each one with a peculiar name like: North Arnor, East Beleriand, West Beleriand & South Gondor. Some of the teams are: Moriquendi, I Ahtartyaror, Smaug Dragons and so on. If you feel like joining, it’s recommended to create a name for your team based in Tolkien, but feel free to be creative and name it as you wish, even if it’s not Tolkien related.

If you lack some knowledge of what is Fantasy Football and how people play it, don’t despair! Click here!

Of course, if you join our league, you’re gonna have all need you help to understand the mechanics of the game and how you can play it nicely! It’s not hard, it’s pretty much fun! I’ve been playing for 4 years straight now and although I’m a rookie (compared to more experienced players) I’ve been doing quite well! Last year, it was my best result: 4th place. Well…not that good, but I have never lost my division yet!! Last “trophy”:

Moriquendi - East Division Champs 2008-10

So…why don’t you give a try?

Important  Draft is in 09/03/11 @ 9PM ET and the password to join the league is: quenya4u.

That's how we play in the Shire!


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  3. I still don’t get it… oh well 🙂

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