Maybe Tolkien would be so sad…

…if he saw how people is butchering the most beloved creation of his: The languages! Don’t get me wrong…but the technology (computers, internet and so on) helped a lot to expand Tolkien lore and by its powerful and easy-to-grasp interface, anyone can have contact with the elvish languages and alphabet. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the downside of it. Anyone can have access and contact with it. Even those who have no clue to what they’re dealing with, although they don’t lack interest of getting some money out of it.

It is well notorious that some people think they can write in “elvish”. (I dislike so much when they say that and still have no idea about Quenya, Sindarin and all other distinctions within “elvish”) They download the fonts, and voilà! I’m ready to go! “I’m gonna type at my keyboard and I’m 100% sure I can write in elvish”

Take a look at these examples:

OBS: There’s nothing written here!

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Sure, they are the ones to blame! Now they have their skin scarred for life with some gibberish in Tengwar. But…have you ever thought that there was one guy who was paid to do that? That’s not cool! How could I, for instance, tattoo someone with Chinese kanji, if I understand nothing of Chinese?

That’s my point! Tolkien created something awesome, wonderful…and people are bargaining away his creation, with limited knowledge the genius behind it..and they don’t even care if they’re doing correctly or not. It doesn’t matter as long as there’s profit in it. That makes me sad! Imagine how Tolkien would feel as he’s the creator!

Do you remember the girl who charges you $5 bucks per each wrong Tengwar rendering? (Read here)

Yeah…there is so much more:

 You can purchase this bag who says: The Way of the Bard & Tngwthm qurnw nd- wthnqu qurnw (In Tengwar) for only $42 bucks! Hooray!

Check it:

Or if you have less money, you can purchase this wonderful piece of decoration below, for your books! (Tolkien books of course) It can also be used as a bookmark! How wonderful! By the way, it’s written this: S -i-nquf m- ngff v-rdmp fvfng ngy-swf my-fw v-rd -icrdnw-y Super cool, huh? Here’s the link:

Do you see what I mean?

“The Way Of The Bard” bag and “The Lord Of The Rings” pin contributed by: Ondo Carniliono


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9 responses to “Maybe Tolkien would be so sad…

  1. Eruorto

    That “jordan …” was written in sindarin ruling vovel above following consonant. unfortunately rest of tattoo was unreadable.
    many of them are horrible. by the way great site.

  2. I think you read the Tengwar on the ‘The way of the bard’ shopping bag the wrong way round. The only tengwa in there that can’t be read both ways is the one you transcribed with ‘-’, which the other way round is a hwesta sindarinwa. So they read ‘mof bchu whzh mof ngchvsh’ in a sort of ‘general full mode’, or ‘m’f mbcv -nc m’f ngwcnpch’ in classical Quenya mode. And indeed in the error that has been named ‘Mode of Boloneyland’ they spell ‘the way of the bard’.

    • I transcribed it applying primarily Quenya Mode rules and all tengwa that have no value and use in Quenya Mode I wrote an -. Hwesta sindarinwa is one for instance.

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  4. CHinese kanji? Like the 字 or characters? Also, poor people

    • I didn’t understand what you meant!

      • I think she meant that ‘kanji’ is the Japanese name for Chinese characters or hanographs, the Chinese name is ‘hanzi’ (in which the ‘i’ is not pronounced). The character she gave is the ‘zi’ part of ‘hanzi’, if I remember correctly off the top of my head, which means ‘character’ or ‘graph’ (the ‘han’ part means ‘Chinese’, as a culture or an ethnicity).

        And I think with ‘poor people’, she meant she pities the people who get Mode of Boloneyland tattooed on their skins.

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