Tengwar Quenya Mode Quick Guide

What a wonderful job! My good Uruguayan friend Erutulco has come up with this quick sheet to help people visualize all the Tengwar alphabet at once. Here you can find all the rules of Quenya mode and it’s an excellent material to use with your basic studies of the alphabet and language as well. So, make a good use..spread the material and let’s teach all the illiterate lil’ elves out there how to read and write in Tengwar Quenya mode!!! (you know…so they don’t get those awful tattoos from the previous post!)

Tengwar Quenya Mode Quick Guide

You can check and study more here


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7 responses to “Tengwar Quenya Mode Quick Guide

  1. but how is the letter b written in quennya ?

  2. Christina Hobel

    Hi. Can you help me write my childs name in elvish?
    Her name is Vilma.
    Regards Christina

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