…And the story ends

Two days ago, we held in remembrance the 38th anniversary of Tolkien’s death. Unfortunately, in 31 Yávië XIV 101, a pneumonia/chest infection brought to an end, the story of all stories, the one who brought to our world a mythos whose grandeur could only be measured and brought to life by whole civilizations, not by one mind only. But he did. Yes…Gandalf…he did!

To celebrate the life and work of the One, here I’ll present some epitaphs translated to Quenya, so we all (humans and elves) think better about the time of our life and what we are doing with this precious gift.

Gone but not forgotten

Vanwa mal lá ú enyalëo

All  you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you

Ilya horyas len carë úvië ná i carë lúmenen yan le ná antaina

Never born, never died. Only visited this planet Earth between January,3rd 1892 and September,2nd 1973

Ullumë nóna, ullumë firna. Er tullen Ardanna imbë 44 Hrívë XIV 19 ar 31 Yávië XIV 101


White Tree Award


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4 responses to “…And the story ends

  1. ‎”Fairë ná enta tië, er mauya vantuvalmë ilyë”

  2. Nibenon Aphaderuion Nanwë Talandorion

    awesome, i wanted to write something in quenya because of Tolkiens death-day, and i though to myself “if it is anywhere, its here”… and i was right, you sir, are the, i dont know, but you are awesome.

    btw, what is “…And the story ends” in quenya?

    • Hehehehe….it’s very pleasant to hear thy words of joy and astonishment! It makes my day! Thank you for that!

      Keep always coming back here and checking the updates! There’s always something (as a Tolkien fan you are) you’re gonna love it!

      I’m very very tempted to answer right here right now your question about how it’s “and the story ends” in Quenya, but unfortunately…I cannot. There’s a queue going on on the section “How do we say (…) in Quenya?” and if I answer you here, it wouldn’t be fair to all the others waiting for their reply. I hope you understand my point.

      Please make this request of yours in the proper page cited above and I will answer it with pleasure in due time!!!

      Once more….thank YOU for all!

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