Say NO to Palantíri

Don’t be fooled, lil’ elves! People who use palantir may look like super cool and hype, it may be amazing how they know things beforehand, you know…if an army is marching towards one’s house or stuff like that…but it’s scientifically proved: Palantíri are bad! (Mmmmkay?) Here are some illustrated facts and effects:

It may feel pleasant! You may feel great because you know if people are betraying you behind your back. You'll know what they gossip about you and you'll feel like you were omniscient! Wonderful, huh?

Wrong! It’s not wonderful! That’s what happens when you use too much Palantír, man! That thing just eat your brain up!

But eventually all these things will happen with you. Terrible change moods and you will become a drama queen or even get...

(….that’s creepy!)


So, join the campaign: Say NO to Palantíri!!!! Don’t waste your youth and your

golden years on something that will melt your brain! Say NO if somebody offers you a palantir saying it’s cool and you’ll get a 10 on the next Physics Test! It’s a trap!




Spread the words to your family and friends! You just gotta say NO!


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