Revenge…that’s what I’m talking about, Quenya mockers!

“Why do you study Quenya?”

What are you studying a language that is not real for?

“Don’t you have a better thing to study?”

It’s written and spoken Kenya, not with Q!!!”

Have you ever listened to that? I have. Maybe it was your mom, maybe it was your boss, friend, colleague, dad, school teacher….anyway….maybe there was someone who mocked you and above all mocked Quenya, your passion and the time you dedicated to it.

Now rejoice, persecuted ones! It’s time for REVENGE! It’s on the news:

Princeton University is hiring Quenya Teacher!

Say what? You have got to be kidding me! Well..well..well…look what we’ve got here:

Touché! Now you can be paid by the hour to teach Quenya on… quoting the article “Elvish 101 class” (Any similarity to Quenya101 purely coincidental). 😀 Princeton…I bow to thee.

If you are a Princeton student you can log in and check the same page I have seen with my eyes here:

Unfortunately, if you don’t have any Princeton NetID, that won’t be possible.

But it is to your eyes too. That’s a big news (and maybe the beginning of serious linguistic research concerning the field of teaching artificial languages to children in order to develop fluency as far as it is possible)!!!!

Spread the word and get that taste of revenge to the ones who mocked you!

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4 responses to “Revenge…that’s what I’m talking about, Quenya mockers!

  1. FYI, in Indonesian Undergrad Liguistic/Literature campuses, anyone taking LOTR as part of research will get a “whoa!”, or “wow”, from other students, and a very high respect from professors.
    I know. My wife just announced to campus that she’s taking LOTR as her degree paper, and suddenly half of academics is extremely friendly and helpful.

    • That’s super cool!!!! Unfortunately, many people are still ignorant and demean Tolkien writings as well as the passion one shows towards it (mainly the languages).

  2. It’s brilliant! The best thing is that “must be a Tolkien fanatic” =D
    Well, I would like to join such course… What a pity that I am too far from Princeton.

    • Yeah…pretty cool, huh? Although I think it’s redundant to say “must be a Tolkien fanatic” because Quenya students ARE indeed Tolkien fanatics!

      Anyway…their wording just reinforced what they expect in whom they’re looking for.

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