Are you a Tolkien fan, a Tolkien reader or a Tolkien…who?

So…here’s a simple test. It’s not a scientific test, (don’t take it seriously) lil’ elves…but it might bring forth some interesting results depending on each one’s case.

The question is:

Are you…

  • a Tolkien fan (you definitely know what you’re tolkien about)
  • a Tolkien reader (maybe you read the book once or twice) or
  • a Tolkien…who? (Who’s Tolkien, anyway?)

Are you ready????


I – You’re interested in learning the strange words coming out of the mouth of that beautiful elf. What do you say?

  1. “I wanna learn Elvish”
  2. “I wanna learn Tengwar”
  3. “I wanna learn Quenya and/or Sindarin”

II – Today is September,22nd! What are you celebrating today?

  1. “Bilbo and Frodo’s Birthday, OF COURSE!”
  2. “I’m celebrating Cormarë!”
  3. “I’m not celebrating any hobbit birthday because according to the Shire Reckoning, there’s nothing special today!”

III – You love the poem Namárië! When you wanna share your love, how do you copy it?

  1. “I press CTRL+C and then after CTRL+V”
  2. “Ai! Laurie lantar lassi surinen, yeni unotime ve ramar aldaron!…”
  3. “Ai! Laurië lantar lassi súrinen, yéni únótimë ve rámar aldaron!…”

IV – How did you feel after you had the first contact with ‘The Silmarillion’?

  1. “I don’t remember this part in the movies”
  2. “Headache. Too difficult to understand”
  3. “I cried aloud: Goddamn, MORGOTH, You Bastard!”

V – Who is Sauron?

  1. “An evil dinosaur who lived in a land where one cannot simply walk into”
  2. “The Dark Lord, The Evil in Middle-Earth, The Lord of the Rings”
  3. “A mere lieutenant of the greatest real Dark Lord Morgoth.”

Now add the number of each answer you gave and check your score!

Score chart:

5-9 = You’re a Tolkien…who?


10-13 = You’re a Tolkien reader


14-15 = You are a Tolkien FAN!





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20 responses to “Are you a Tolkien fan, a Tolkien reader or a Tolkien…who?

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  2. Hristocoleo


  3. temporarily anonymous

    I think I would have scored 15, but, aside from the whole “Morgoth-Melkor” thing which has already been mentioned, I more found the information in the Silmarillion interesting than the actions of Melkor annoying. Thus, my reaction was probably more disappointment that it ended so quickly, and that we learned so little of Eru Ilúvatar despite the obvious importance of an omnipotent being who exercises his power both directly and through his children. I don’t even know whether to capitalise the pronouns by which I refer to him, though I suspect it matters little because there is no capitalisation in Tengwar anyway.

    • True!!! It ends too quickly. I crave for more! An HBO series would suffice in my case, I guess. It would quench my thirst for the time being.

  4. 15/15 🙂 All my other family memebrs got 5 😦

  5. Natallie

    Cool test!
    I am a Tolkien reader 🙂

  6. Pinkal nash-veh kehkuh goh. 😦 Just 4…

  7. 14….
    I just had a 2 on question IV as I was only on 4th grade when I first read The Silmarillion. But I hated Moringotto already

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