Aranië Látiva (Latvijas Republika)

First of all, I’d like to thank my Latvian friend self-entitled Aicassë Oronwentë  for providing me this wonderful map of his country and helping me with all the etymologies that naturally it’d be a little bit hard, as I don’t know the language.

Inspired by my previous map (Argentina), she wanted her own..and she DID IT! Very good, girl! I helped her with some names, corrected some details here and there, and now I present to you all: Aranië Látiva!

By the way…

Where’s the easiest place to spot an Elf???? LATVIA! It’s true!!! Check the Valinor Migration Department & the Elvish Geographic Institute statistics here. Yes, Eldar Ambaressë is now provided by official stats from those 2 departments and as you can see, as Latvia has a low population compared to other countries and has incredibly well named places like: Endórë, Alquaiva, Tindómë,….(dude…those places are elven magnets!) it’s easy to spot an elf there! Now with the map, you can choose where you want go next time for the holidays….Have a nice meeting with an elf! 😀

Below, the explanations of the names provided by Aicassë Oronwentë with the due corrections already made:

Kurzeme (Curnórë) – “Land of the Kurs“

Vidzeme (Endórë) – “The middle land”

Latgale (Latinórë) – “Land of the Letts”

Zemgale (Formendórë) – “North land”

Jūrmala (Eärfára) – “Seaside”

Rīga (I Már) – “Occupied place”, but most close to “home”

Ventspils (Ventosto) – “Castle on the Venta”

Kuldīga (Opelë Maltava) – “Gold storage”

Liepāja (Litsëa) – “Sandy”

Tukums (Limil Amboiva) – “Chain of hills”

Saldus (Ambolissë) – “Sweet hill”

Dobele (Lattincë) – “Little pit”

Jelgava (Osto) – “Castle”

Bauska (Amboinga) – “Top of hill”

Ogre (Celumë) – “Stream”

Aizkraukle (Larca Pella) – “Beyond the rapid (river)”

Jēkabpils (Osto Encaitarwa) – “Jacob’s castle”

Limbaži (Yonda Tol Néna Tauressë) – “A wide island on a woody swamp”

Valmiera (Sérenómë) – “Peaceful place”

Valka (Tuncë) – “Where something has been drawn, pulled”

Smiltene (Litsincë) – “Sand” (close to something like “little sand”)

Gulbene (Alquaiva) – “City of swans” (actually, there’s no “city”, so Quenya version is more close to original)

Alūksne (Ehtelë Tauressë) – “Spring in forest”

Balvi (Annar) – “Gifts”

Rēzekne (Rista) – “Cut”

Ludza (Néna) – “Swampy”

Krāslava (Tindómë) – “Twilight”

Daugavpils (Túranénosto) – “Castle on the Daugava”; Daugava is “the great water”

And as you adviced,

Talsi – Tausi

Cēsis – Tyésis

Madona – Mandonna

Preiļi – Hrelli

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13 responses to “Aranië Látiva (Latvijas Republika)

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  3. Pleaseee!! translate the Spain map! :C

    • I will. But you gotta be a good boy and behave yourself! Otherwise Papa elf won’t bring you the map you want so much! 😀

      I’ll do it. But it’s gonna take time. Wait patiently. It will be done!

  4. Thanks, I was glad to find out that I am living in Yonda Tol Néna Tauressë. I guess I should pay more attention to people’s ears. But, well, we are a little crazy about spending our free time in woods around here, picking wild berries and mushrooms for fun.

  5. By the way, why “swampy” is “Néna”?

    • Cuz there’s no Quenya word for that. What you composed was a Sindarin equivalent. Loa in Quenya means year. So I changed to something like “wet, dampy” which is the closest we can get to ‘swampy’

  6. Just one thing – I am female 🙂

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