Elves meet Aliens (Ragel-tor Ardasu Vuhlkansu)

We are NOT alone! I mean….we aren’t alone anyway. There are dwarves, ents, humans, orcs…but recently I found out that there IS life in other planets! I suspected that Eru might have created more than Arda through the themes of the Ainulindalë, but now it’s 100% sure! So, meet the alien I’ve met:

S’Ekon (Erunno)

I’ve been visited by a living form much alike us (elves) with pointy ears, same stature and distinction. He had a strange eyebrow and an outstanding intelligence. His name was Briht’uhn and we were presented the language above, Gol-Vuhlkansu a.k.a. Golic Vulcan. He comes from Vulcan and I was marveled at this beautiful alphabet with its intricate design and interesting patterns. He taught me a bit and we exchanged our cultures.

I even composed some things in his language, so he could take to his home planet. Below the beginning of Namárië (Rom-lahan)

Kal-ap-ton! Tevan-tor motra spo’kin-tukh na’salan,

su’us-fam tevunlar spo’ralalar t’laplar!

{Grief! Fall foliage like’gold at’wind}

{number-less years like’wings of’trees!}

I’ve been looking for my next artificial language to learn and NOTHING has caught my attention like this Vuhlkansu alphabet has! It’s wonderfully written! If you’re crazy for languages as I am and  wanna know more details about it (so you can communicate with Vulcans…. 😀 Spock, for instance) check Briht’uhn site! Click on the banner below!

He nails it, man! Deep deep knowledge of its calligraphy and the language grammar rules too. He has helped me a lot through this beginner’s path of mine!


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11 responses to “Elves meet Aliens (Ragel-tor Ardasu Vuhlkansu)

  1. I believe Vulcans are the descendants of the elves of Middle Earth along with the Romulans and the Remans

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  5. Wa’itaren nash-veh odu — S’Ekon. Sanoi ta i’ma tu set’ko na’gen-lis T’Khasi eh i’ro’fah n’sulumatsutra pa’nam.

    Nam-tor Tsolyaani yeht-gen-lis ik ovsotik wa. Kitaun t’ish maut-vaksurik heh sem-rik isha.



    E’nam-tor mapi’maafanik na’nash-veh — hi ma n’pi’set’ko fayei fidau gen-lis t’Mehhiko ik i’yaretau nash-veh spo’shom-halovaya la.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Thank you so much, S’Ekon. I’m pleased that you’re currently interested in Vulcan languages and that you’re informing the public about their existence.

    Tsolyáni is seriously a real, complete language. Its orthography is very beautiful and fascinating.

    I am only a tiny bit familiar with it, but am a little interested due to the fact that the languages of Mexico influence it and I’m currently on vacation here.

    • Mexico culture fascinates me as well! I intend to visit some beach site like Cancun or Acapulco next vacation. I’d love to see some pre-colombian cities and what remains of them!

      I’ll check the languages you told here and I’m very glad you liked the post, dedicated to Vulcan! 😀

  6. What about M.A.R. Barker’s work in Tekumel?

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