“It’s time to give the word an adequate garment”

These are the words of Benjamin Harff.

Created by Morconer

If you have a Tumblr account, you surely know his work. But maybe you don’t or you haven’t got to know much about him! Wel, after reading his interview I decided to spread the beauty of his fingers…the Edel-Silmarillion:


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And here some highlights of his interview:

Tolkien Library:  How long did it take to make this book?

Benjamin Harff : The whole process took about half a year, plus about half a year where I dealed mainly with the illustrations but also collected knowledge and made sketches for calligraphy. That may appear long, but you have to note that I also had to work for the financing of my studium and do a lot of other things for my exam.

TL: What were the biggest problems you faced in making this book?

BH: I had a lot of problems, but the main problem was my strict limitation in time and money. Looking back I cannot understand how it worked! For my exam it would have been enough to do calligraphy for only one or two chapters. But I didn´t want to have a book with maybe twenty printed and 380 empty pages! That would not have been worthy for a Tolkien-work and I had better done a  short story or so. But I thought: „This is your exam and maybe the last time that you can do what you want as an illustrator!“ So I did it, and couldn´t have done it with that fire, wouldn´t it have been a Tolkien-work. And although this was extremely hard, the fire did not cease.

TL: In the process of making this book did you learn more about calligraphy, manuscripts or the Silmarillion itself?

BH: Of course, yes! Although I had weekly calligraphy-lessons at the Academy of Arts for four years, I learned more than ever in these 12 months. I also learned how highly developed the designing and the techniques in the craftmanships of the middle-ages were. Finally, I realized how little respect is given to the written word in a world where you can gain any information with a few mouse-clicks. Maybe it is now the time to give the word an adequate garment. 

That’s the way a true Tolkien fan talks! 😀

Check the whole interview here!


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7 responses to ““It’s time to give the word an adequate garment”

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  2. pls somebody publish it. I want it bad. thumbs up for the maker. He’s very talanted.

    • But only Tolkien Estate can approve its publication. And as the interview says….they don’t seem to have paid attention to his contacts so far!

      So sad!

      I would buy no matter how much! This is a must-have in any Tolkien collection!

  3. nibennon

    Give it to me, i must have it, precious treasure, i deserve it.
    by the valar, that is one sick book… i want to get in to calligraphy 😛

  4. Yeht-vaksur-tanaf wa..

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