I Yessessë (Genesis in Quenya)

Time to open your human Bibles, lil’ elves and let’s hear how Yehóva Eru created everything in the beginning (i yessessë)!

Arkxyz – I Yessessë
(2011) – Italy

Excellent video, very well pronounced. This Italian girl knows what she’s tolkien about! With few interferences from her mother tongue (which is natural), this video is good guide to Quenya phonetics



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6 responses to “I Yessessë (Genesis in Quenya)

  1. “What she’s tolkien about” – huh, is that your idea of making phrase like that or it’s already spread in English-speaking fandom?

    • I got that from Tumblr. It was in an image with Gandalf wearing sunglasses and written “That’s what I’m tolkien about!”

      I thought that was really cool and started using the “slang”

  2. sounds like’own’daughter of’Tolkien. so beautiful especially… 😉

    • She really sounds great!!!! The knowledge of Latin based languages like Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (their phonetics as a whole) helps a lot in Quenya pronunciation. Maybe Finnish as well.

  3. Ralau u’sha’ko-fu t’Tolkien. Ni vaksurik wa..

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