Blind Guardian – The Bards’ Song (Full Quenya Version)

Once again…Ondo Carniliono did it! He translated this outstanding song of Blind Guardian and after my final revision…here it is for you all!

If you’re not familiar with the band and you’re a Tolkien fan. There’s something wrong! Blind Guardian has devoted tons of their compositions to Tolkien’s universe. There’s a whole album based on Silmarillion, songs like “The Lord Of The Rings” (check here its full Quenya version) and this one also that brings to your ears all that Tolkien has brought to life with his writings! I hope you enjoy a lot and spread the beautiful words of the elven bards…I Lindar lindeva:

Quenya Version

Sí ilyë istaldë,

i Lindar ar lindeltar

írë lúmer avánier,

holtuvan hendinyat


Ecë ven velë ata

Mal sí á hlarë lindenya

Tindómëo lómeva

Ávë lirë i Lindar lindeva.

Enwa aumapuva we

Háya coallo

Úquen istuva esselvar.

Mal i Lindar lindíva lemyuvar

Enwa aumapuva se

i caurë síro

Nauvas vanwa

Sairina lindelmainen

Eä er lindë

lemyaina órenyassë

Quentar huorinqua nero

I marnë háya sinomë

Sí i Lindar lindíva ná vanwë

Ar nas lúmë autië

Úquen maquetuva essen erwa

I nyarë i quenta

Enwa aumapuva we

Háya coallo

Úquen istuva esselvar.

Mal i Lindar lindíva lemyuvar

Enwa ilya nauva istaina

Ar umil eressëa

Sië áva rucë morniello ar ringalello

Pan i Lindar lindíva lemyuvar

Ilyë lemyuvantë

Sanwenya ar olórenyassen

Nantë illumë sámanyassë

Lindi sinë periandi, naucor ar hildion

Ar quendion

Á tulë, á holta hendinyat

Ecë len cenitat yando


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5 responses to “Blind Guardian – The Bards’ Song (Full Quenya Version)

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  2. I guess it got pretty good… 🙂

    • Yeah…isn’t it satisfying to see it all done?

      I mean, sometimes is hard to do gotta commit your time and brain to that…you know…but after you see the end result…it’s a great satisfaction! I feel this way with Ainulindalë Quenyanna and I’m pretty glad that you feel the same way about the work of your fingers!

      Thanks Tolkien who devised the language! Thanks Blind Guardian who composed this piece of art!

      Thanks to them we can get our piece of satisfaction! 😀

  3. Great work, congratulations!
    Blind Guardian should record this… It would be awesome!

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