Quenya Pangram

A long time ago, Morconer asked me if I knew any Quenya pangram. I said I didn’t at the time, but as he wrote in the section About Me (which is a section that I don’t update at all) the thing got forgotten completely!

Few days ago, I saw and decided to come up with a Quenya pangram in order to fulfill the request of one from my audience here!


What is a pangram?

Pangram is a sentence which uses all the letters of the alphabet. For instance, in English we got: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. All the 26 letters from the Roman alphabet. That’s easy! BUT NOT IN QUENYA!!! Tengwar alphabet is not like Roman and it took me a hard work to come up with something, simply because some tengwar are less used than others!!! Remember the nwalmë discussion? That’s an example of a tengwa which you use to write ONLY 4 words!

Man…that was the most Herculean task I have ever done concerning Quenya! It’s not a perfect pangram (without repeating tengwar) nor a short one, but I couldn’t come up with something better! And I tried A LOT!

I must rest now…my head aches!


I huorinqua Noldo nehtuva saurë orqui rancoryanen ampano,

ringwë hya ambossë Ardo; yan antuvas hranga nwalmë ar

yando sinomë i hwesta Manweva astarmo nauva

pan Cuiviénello Valinórenna

queruvante firna lussíma.

You can listen also here

The brave Noldo will slay foul orcs with his arm at the wooden hall,

at the cold lake or at the hill of Arda; to whom he’ll give hard torment and

also here the breeze of Manwë witness will be

because from Cuiviénen to Valinor

they’ll become an expired whispered-imagination.


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13 responses to “Quenya Pangram

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  2. Oh actually, unless my eyes are failing me, this pangram doesn’t even use a noldo (ñ) in either the Latin or Tengwar versions.

  3. Either your tengwar has a small mistake here, or your Latin alphabet transcription has a small mistake. “nwalmë” is currently being written in Tengwar as if it is “nwalma”.
    Other than that one minor error, this is an awesome pangram! Really great job creating it.

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