For Tengwar writers only

This post is dedicated for all those that are in the beginning of their learning of how to write in Tengwar. I’ve seen around the internet a LOTTA people who wants to learn and sometimes they do it, but with little inaccuracies, so I felt like writing this guide to help. I’m here always to help! So, check the steps below:

Step 1

Understand the concept! Tengwar is NOT a code. There is not a single and simplistic symbol for every letter of the Roman alphabet. You can understand better what I mean here.

Step 2

Choose a good Tengwar fonts. And here’s a good news! There are many! Most of them are pretty good stylistically speaking but also the way the font itself was built and how you type it in the keyboard. Make a test. Download a font and type small ‘a’ in your keyboard. If you get the tengwa shown in the right box,


SHAZAM, that’s a well devised Tengwar font in the keyboard. But then you say: What the heck? I wanted an ‘a’ not a ‘k’ (the phonetic value of this particular tengwa). To learn how to get it correctly, check below with close attention  how the keyboard works while typing Tengwar. (Most stupid mistakes are made simply because one has NO IDEA how to type!)

Tengwar keyboard layout (qwerty international standard keyboard)

Step 3

Choose a Mode. Tengwar is a phonetic alphabet and guess what? You can write ANY language you want with it. BUT, HOWEVER, you need to know how the Modes work. So, if you want to write a word in English, for instance “love”, it doesn’t make sense you follow the rules of Quenya mode. That’s wrong! You gotta know how the Tengwar English Mode behaves. Below check some good guides for a few languages:

(click on the flags to be directed to the links)

Tengwar English Mode

Modo Tengwar Castellano

Modo Tengwar Português

 Step 4

Probably, when you get used with Tengwar writing, you will want more. How about learning the real deal, the elvish languages and write them with their natural alphabet? As said above, you firstly need to get to know the modes, Quenya Mode or Sindarin Mode. After, the study of the language itself. Below you’ll find the links for both main elvish modes:

Tengwar Quenyanna

Tengwar Sindarinwa

Step 5

Enjoy yourself while writing correctly with best Tengwar Mode of your choice! But beware…you’ll also have a lot of pain when you see the awful mistakes people make with Tengwar! (Mainly in Tumblr) It really hurts!

What the person thinks it’s written: Steve22o886Maggie /// What is really written in English Mode: ?mf?fddwhssr?chngngsf

Please, don’t do it to yourself!



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36 responses to “For Tengwar writers only

  1. Miguel

    none of the links in this page are click-able for me. not in firefox or in ie

  2. Tyler Davis

    The link for the english mode is an error 404

  3. Tarious

    Am I blind, or just missing something. How do you do the double marks under a character?

  4. Caitlin

    Hi there! I am (or was) considering attempting to learn how to write an English phrase that I like in one of the modes and use it for a tattoo design. However, after reading your advice, I have decided that it would be best to ask an expert rather than trying to do it myself and then having a faulty translation etched onto my skin forever. Is there any way that I could message you privately?

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  6. Reina

    Hi! I’ve been learning the Tengwar Quenya mode off your site the past days and your guide is definitely the most helpful on the enitre internet! So now that I learned the Quenya mode I’m starting to get interested in both English and Sindarin modes. Unfortunately, your links on this page seem to have died an error 404 death. Do you know of other places where I might find a good source for Sindarin and/or English mode? I have tried Google but since I learned so much thing that made so much sense from your site I don’t trust any other site, to be honest. I really hope you have some reccommendations for me. Thanks in advance and keep up the amazing things you do here for us language-lovers.

    • Well, I recommend for Tengwar Sindarin Mode. Unfortunately, I have no recommendations for Tengwar English Mode. 😦

      I’m very happy you enjoyed all Quenya101 material and this brings true joy to my heart. Thank you for your kind words and appreciation! 🙂

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