Occupy Mordor NOW!

WE ARE THE 99.9%!

(Morgoth & Sauron are just 0.01%.)

What are they gonna do against us?

They can’t turn us all into orcs, right? Right???

(Wait…Can they?)


Share your protest here too!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hobbit, elf or man. Your voice deserves to be heard!


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9 responses to “Occupy Mordor NOW!

  1. Lauro

    I Eldar avánie ar lembe nalme, i Firimor. Ilquen quetar i Sauron vanwa na, ananta orcor Ëa cunyar. Á mahta, Hrasil!

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  3. wsgeorge

    LMAO! Good one!

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