Arda United Nations

Just for the record: I hate Politics. Deeply. But I love Geography, maps, flags, nations stats and so on. (You can see that clearly herehere AND here also, huh?)

So, I thought: What if Arda got nations too? You know, with flags, patriotic emblems…the whole “political” nine yards.

Well, here I present some flags I made (and you have already seen a couple of them) for possible Arda nations, be them the size of a continent of just a city.

Some of them are good, some are not. I’m not artistically gifted, you know…but I tried to maintain some coherence and meaning for the emblems shown in the flags. Enjoy!


Concept: The Two Trees shining two different shades of light all over the land.


Concept: Upper left corner with 5 stars meaning the 5 corners of the great continental land of Beleriand. Below, the starry sky seen before the creation of the Sun. The color was based on the Sindar of course. (Grey-elves)


Concept: Ocean blue and the island of Númenor at the core of it.


Concept: Black border as the color of the enemy, red smaller rectangle in the middle representing the Battle of Sudden Flame which changed the landscape of Ard-Galen (giving origin to Anfauglith) and Glaurung representation as one of the main agents of Morgoth in the battle mentioned.


Concept: Light Blue representing the Teleri people who loved the sea, black swan spatted with blood to remember the mourning over the Kinslaying at Alqualondë.


Concept: Dark blue as the night sky without stars to remember the Darkening of Valinor and the incidents that took place at Formenos. The emblem at the upper corner left representing the fortress with a red thin border representing Finwë’s blood shed by Morgoth.


 Concept: Morgoth carries no symbol. Darkness only is before him and his fortress.


 Concept: This one I did not create. This is kinda official as a symbol of Rohan. There’s no need to explain the horse, right?

Wanna more? Add yours here! Anything you design is welcomed! Explain the concept and share it here!


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10 responses to “Arda United Nations

  1. Melkor the exalted has the white flag as his nation’s symbol, due to his purity that sets him apart from the elven defilers and hobbit abominations.

  2. brihtuhn

    Wa’sanoi patanafaya na’Alkwalonde.
    (I especially like the design for Alqualondë.)

  3. Those five stars look exactly like Singapore’s 😛 Valinor, Numenor and Aqualonde were really cool. Angband was hilarious. Forgive my noob-ness but where/what is Aqualonde?

    • I based most emblems on real flags. Those five stars were indeed based on Singapore’s while the other starts in Beleriand’s flag were based on Tuvalu’s.

      Tolkien himself tells that Morgoth carries no banner. Black is the emblem, so the flag is a proper one… no joke intended.

      Alqualondë is a Telerin town in sea coast of Aman, near Valinor & Tirion.

  4. Man, I love the Numenor and the Valinor flags. Great job… 🙂

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