The United Kingdom of Great Beleriand

Read below…just read it! (No matter how crazy it sounds)

The United Kingdom of Great Beleriand is a tiny, socially progressive nation, remarkable for its burgeoning nightingale population. Its compassionate, intelligent population of 12 million enjoy a sensible mix of personal and economic freedoms, while the political process is open and the people’s right to vote held sacrosanct.

The enormous government juggles the competing demands of Social Welfare, Education, and Religion & Spirituality. The average income tax rate is 32%, but much higher for the wealthy. A healthy private sector is led by the Furniture Restoration, Tourism, and Arms Manufacturing industries.

Tourists from around the world come to visit the country’s famous rainforests, the death penalty has been reintroduced, a well-funded social safety net protects the unfortunate, and organ donation rates are among the lowest in the region. Crime is relatively low. Great Beleriand’s national animal is the nightingale, which frolics freely in the nation’s many lush forests, and its currency is the Elen.

Great Beleriand is ranked 3rd in Arda Unmarred and 46,772nd in the world for Most Dedicated Public Healthcare.

Future Frequently Asked Questions:

What the heck is that?

It’s a GAME! Yes, it’s a political game where you are the governor of your nation and you decided issues that will mold the nation the way you want it!

How does it work?

Like this: You create your nation, the name you want, the flag you want (once it’s already created) and then political issues pop up to you so you choose the best alternative your government will take.

Politics? Really? Why is THAT fun?

Well, I hate Politics! I deeply do! But as you can see in this game you can create YOUR nation. (read: your Arda nation) This is irresistible! I couldn’t help myself when I saw that. Besides, if you wanna be a dictator (“my way or highway”) or implement a fair society with your own political views (if you have any) this is an excellent exercise!

How do I join? Where is this game?

The site is . It’s a very simple game, no fancy graphics (none at all) no action here and there. NONE! You can play that like 5 minutes a day and that’s completely enough! It’s an adult game. Tweens and kids will simply hate it!

May I join your region?

Sure! If you create a nation based on Tolkien, Middle-Earth, Arda…anything the like, you may join my region! It’s called Arda Unmarred and it’s only for Tolkien fans! We’re gonna recreate the whole map of Arda with Nation States! 😀


Be creative, join and have “political” fun!

If you need any help in the game, talk to me through reply here!


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3 responses to “The United Kingdom of Great Beleriand

  1. Camila

    Bungee jumping in Gondolin lol

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