Aranië Rávosto (Republik Singapura)

One more map for our collection! Singapore!

Singapore, although tiny as it is, has got several configurations of “how you can divide it into smaller areas”. It can be divided into regions, districts, urban planning areas…it’s crazy! It’s not like states or provinces…(politically speaking) but they are considered areas within the country.

Most names come from Malay. Some are related to tree names like Sembawang, Mandai and they simply had to be orthographically adapted to Quenya! Impossible to render anything different than that.

There are areas with “bukit” (=hill) which were more friendly to compose into Quenya. Few are named after people..and guess what…Chinese related names! That was a hard map to do!!!! Even though it’s a small country, there are too many divisions and the names in the 4 official languages make the challenge tougher!

This is dedicated to my lil’ friend Ashley Wong who asked me this map a couple of months ago and waited patiently until I could do the task (hard task by the way)

If you’re not from Singapore or region and wanna compare the Quenya composed names with the actual ones, check here.

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8 responses to “Aranië Rávosto (Republik Singapura)

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  4. It’s so cool that Quenya appears as a common language for us all! So that we can understand a lot of names both in Argentina and in Latvia, and now in Singapore too.
    Quenya – uniting elves from all over the world!

  5. This is really awesome 🙂 Thanks so much for doing this! The link you provided doesn’t actually have region names though 😦

    • I’m glad you liked it! Girl….that was hard and it took me some hours. I have no idea about Malay!!! Do you know it?

      There are the regions name in the link I left (North, East, West, Northeast and Central) which leads to another links with more detailed info for the smaller urban areas division. That was my intention.

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