Football + Valar = ?

Inevitable! Today is Sunday, I mean Gameday (as there’s Beerday, there’s Gameday) and here it is a mash-up of 2 of my passions: Tolkien & NFL.

So, what if the Valar rooted for NFL teams? That’s crazy, I know…but don’t blame me! NFL fans are all like that! 😀

OBS: Tolkien lore and NFL wits may be needed to understand the comments below. You know, jokes are never bad…sometimes they’re just TOO internal, coming out from your tackled pancreas or burst spleen….it happens!

Ma nalyë manwa Talcornen?

(Are you ready for some Football?)

Philadelphia Eagles? The Eagles are Manwë's!!! Philadelphia should be paying royalties for Manwë!

Ok, Varda is not a cowgirl, but that lonely star from Dallas...what else than Varda's, the Queen of Stars?

Pittsburgh & all metallurgy owe their jobs to Aulë, Father of Dwarves (Yes, Polamalu, I'm talking to your hair!).

Green is in the name, in the jersey, in the logo...that's definitely Yavanna's team! (and mine also).

Sorry, Ulmo. I know they're bad now but Miami is the only "aquatic" team. You gotta stick with it! Think about Marino!

Oromë ridding his steed Nahar couldn't approve more the broncos of Denver team!

Tulkas came as fast as lightning to fight for Arda and charge the Valar's battery! Go Tulkas Go!

Ok, I don't like New England either, but who can deny they were the Dream Team of the 00's? Lórien's dream.

Baltimore, the city once dead for Football (1984-1996) has Mandos as his patron & the raven as his good ill omen pet!

Cry me a river, Nienna! Minnesota sucks and they'll go nowhere without a DECENT QB this year! FAVRE!!!!

The most perfect one! If you know Oakland and the crowd from there, you know this is from Melkor's!


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