I Aranië Andúnëo (Reino de España)

Much much much requested by Carnilmo, a.k.a “el perro volador” a.k.a Airdoggy, here I present to you all, el Reino de España…or as we elves would say: I Aranië Andúnëo!

This one was much easier than Aranië Rávosto as I can understand better the language! Etymologies were a bit hard in some of them, but others were plain and clear like Valentia.

If you’re Spanish….spread el mapa para todos tus amigos! 😀

If you’re not…maybe you wanna check the original names, so you can relate to it better.

Espero que te guste!! Cualquier duda sobre los nombres en Quenya y por que se han traducidos así….pregunte! Mi placer es ayudar con la lengua!

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The only form of government in Quenya is: aranië (=kingdom)! As such, I adapted so far other words for other forms of government (e.g. republic) as “aranië”. To distinguish properly here the “Kingdom of Spain”, I added an article. That’s no rule, it’s just my own personal adaptation. Some other may be proposed as well.

OBS.: Spain = Andúnë. The full name with the genitive suffix becomes I Aranië Andúnëo.


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14 responses to “I Aranië Andúnëo (Reino de España)

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  2. Erurehton

    What Anduneo means? Is that the literal tranlation of the word Spain (Hispania)?

    • The word is Andúnëo. The suffix -o stands for the genitive case suffix and Andúnë is the etymological equivalent of Spain.

      • Erurehton

        I guess you followd the greek etymology of Hispania, and that is Hesperia. Another possible etymology of Spain, that comes from the latin word Hispania, means more or less (according to some theories about the phoenician origin of the word) land of rabbits.
        Anyway The Western Realm is also a beautiful name. Sorry, I didn’t wan to to be fussy about this. Thank you very much for the map.

        • Do you have a reliable source attesting this alternate theory about the land of rabbits. Theories are not facts, but I’d like to read about it as I’ve never seen it before.

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  5. Wow!!! I love it! Everyone in the world should see this

  6. OMG THANK YOU! This is SO cool. Thank you so MUCH. I love it ❤

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