Ainulindalë 4 Thanksgiving

I have been thanked by Tolkiendilli many times. I’ve been using Twitter since August,2010 and my site opened up its elvish doors in February,2011. Many people have requested me names, sentences, words in Quenya…have commented about my posts, pages…and I often try to help every single one  who come here with doubts, mistakes, questions.

Why am I saying this? Because I’m not the one to be thanked, you are! Every time you visit my site, every time you stop by and comment, every time you tweet about it and spread its word for more and more Tolkien fans to delight themselves in Quenya lore, every time you click on the yellow stars below to rate anything here (be it bad or good in your opinion)…


I THANK YOU! You are the one who makes this site goes on and on and if there wasn’t you, there wouldn’t be it. To celebrate it and to thank you through actions also, not only with words, I’ll present here the apple of my eye, the newly released Ainulindalë Quenyanna Page 4:

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