White Tree Awards


This is the 100th post of Quenya101 Language Institute. To mark the date, we’re gonna have the 1st edition of White Tree Awards which will recognize all time important posts of our Institute.

And the White Tree goes to….

Most Engaging

Elvish bands you may know or not

People tried hard to find out all the bands! Lots of guesses here and there. Few were left undiscovered! Can you make them?

Most Philological

To nwalmë or not to nwalmë? That is the question!

Give your opinion in the debate! Are you pro-nwalmë or anti-nwalmë? Read, think and vote!

Most Polemic

Attention all Tolkien fans! (Yeah, right!)

Man…if she charges people $5 for all those wrong renderings….how much should I? I tell you: $0! And that’s how it’s gonna be around here, folks!

Most Spread

Revenge…that’s what I’m talking about, Quenya mockers!

 People talked like crazy when this came out! I saw hundreds of retweets about it! No wonder! This is huge and an excellent opportunity for some…revenge!

Most Watched


Beautiful voice, awesome Tolkien poem, art in its highest elvish degree. It’s a hit and it’s simple like that!

Most Jaw-dropping

Not all those who wander are lost

How could that be different? When I saw that, I got bug-eyed immediately! Looi Seng Chuen, I mean… The One,  I bow down to thee!

And now the major prizes!!!!

Best Rated

As cute as it gets

Mussë yaulincë, lauca yaulincë….masterpiece done by Ondo. It made him famous in Brazil!

Best Funny

Mordor: Come and walk into it!

I challenge you to visit Mordor and come back without an unforgettable experience. Or I could simply challenge you to come back at all from there!

Best Homage

...And the story ends

 I like to pay homage to people. When they deserve, it should be paid, right? Well, then… whom else should I pay more homage to than…Tolkien?

Best Attraction

Middle-Earth, prostate and other jokes...

In its releasing 3-day period, it attracted more than 1,000 visits! That was a record for a single post. People really enjoy funny stuff, huh?

Best Commented

Aranië Telpina (República Argentina)

I loved this one! People loved it too! When it was released it broke records of visits, comments, shares…it premiered all the maps that would come after. Great Telpina!

Best People’s Choice

Dear Tolkien, I think I get it!

I don’t know why, but this one is the MOST visited of all time. Weird, huh? It doesn’t look that popular at first glance, but it keeps increasing its views day after day!

That’s it, folks!

If you have one favorite of yours that it didn’t show up, please share your mind here! Which category should it be in? Why do you like it? 


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4 responses to “White Tree Awards

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  3. Um.. forgive my ignorance, but I’ve been meaning to ask what is written aroung the white tree symbol?

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