King of the castle, master of the domain.

I proudly announce to you that Quenya101 Language Institute has acquired its own domain from WordPress.

From now on, you can simply type and voilà…here we are!

This will bring much more visibility to our beloved elvish site and also will improve some of its features. Stay tuned for they will come in the near future.

For instance…..have you EVER imagined Quenya101 like this:

Pretty cool the trick, huh?

But…wait…don’t despair if you can’t read Tengwar alphabet yet…this is just an Easter Egg of Quenya101 and with it, I’d like to propose a challenge here (just like old times).

The 1st one to access Quenya101 in its Tengwar version like shown in the picture, will be awarded a special prize, to be revealed.

So…it`s not an easy task to get this Easter Egg, I know…but if you do, take a picture of you and your computer screen proving the deed!

Leave a reply here and after the Quenya101 Easter Eggs evaluation comission analyzes and approves your skills involving Tengwar and computer programming, the special prize will be delivered by postal service ANYWHERE in the world. Be it Earth or Arda!


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10 responses to “King of the castle, master of the domain.

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  5. Beware that anyone could use the same photo that you uploaded in the post. You could put a watermark or something… That way no one can use it.

  6. brihtuhn

    Have you wedged it into a web-font or do visitors need a specific something installed? Congrats on the new domain. How does one say “Congratulations” in Quenya?

    • You know what’s cooler?

      NOTHING specific is needed to get Quenya101 in Tengwar like I did in that pic. Actually, I suck at computer knowledge, and if I could do that….it’s because it’s easy. Much easier than it looks like!

      There is no “congratulations” as a word in Quenya. One can adapt it with something like: Laitanyel! (= I praise you!)

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