Elvish Democracy

Due to our recent investments, Quenya101 Language Institute opens this poll so your voice is heard and you may decide how the next 100 posts will be around here.

Questions are simple: Which kind of post do you like most? & Which kind of post do you dislike most?

You can choose 3 options for each poll. Below, read about the categories and check some examples so you have a good idea of the type discussed.

So, help us being a better Language Institute, so we can eradicate the elvish illiteracy once and for all in the whole world! (Small goal, huh? :D)

  • Arts = Poems, fine imagery, delights for the eye and ear. E.g.: 06/06 10/31 10/04
  • Challenges = Puzzles for you to solve, using your Quenya lore of course. E.g.: 05/10 05/22 11/30
  • Educational = Learn more about Tolkien writings and the studies of his languages. E.g.: 11/18 11/15 06/12
  • Funny = Jokes, funny pics, sarcasm and the like. E.g.: 07/27  05/01 04/22
  • News = Real world news concerning Tolkien, Quenya and so on. Some examples: 06/27 09/19 04/01
  • Projects = My own creative things (and other people’s also) involving arts, fun, games, etc. E.g.: 10/28 10/01 03/02
  • Sports = Mixing Tolkien with Sports in very unexpected ways. E.g.: 11/06 08/23 08/20
  • Videos = Self-explanatory. Posts with videos! Funny, musical, curious, trivias. E.g.: 05/19 03/11 04/07


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6 responses to “Elvish Democracy

  1. So, I really don’t dislike anything, other than sports cause I don’t really understand those. I really enjoy the funny posts, if done sparingly, otherwise they become overkill. For videos, I would like to see more of them, although I don’t really like that Tolkien band, sorry :/

    Arts, well, the section is really cool, although the maps are sometimes a bit difficult to read, especially for one who isn’t exactly fluent in Quenya. What would be great is if you could provide translations. Pardon me if you already have and I missed them.

    Challenges are really awesome, although I can’t seem to solve the easter egg one, perhaps you could post the answer someday?

    I have no idea which category this falls under, but I like those little short advertisements you do. My favorite being the things like ‘Elentari Miruvore’ and the Quenya burger king (I have no idea how to type long vowels), I didn’t really like the ones with an over abundance of photos. I’ve always thought your words are very witty. Although a few photos are always great.

    Educational, a bit of a mind bender. Personally, I don’t really understand what your saying, my brain does get a bit boggled, so I tend to skip these posts. Well, when I say these posts, I mean, the language one. THe one about marriage, divorce, aging and childbirth is very interesting. (I would comment more, but I’m just clicking on the links above and that was the last)

    Funny, is, to be frank, very funny. I really do enjoy those little humour sections 🙂

    News…. Hmmm, I think you really should do more of these. I mean, it’s amazing what goes on in the world. (Very useful for my general knowledge too ;))

    Your own projects are also quite interesting, I like the Ainulindale, I’m trying to recite it. Your kingdom of Beleriand also got me hooked onto the game, although I’m not doing well at all 😦 Btw, I looked through your posts and I noticed a certain set of playing cards. Very well designed 🙂

    Sports. Okay, so I’m not exactly qualified to comment, being an adolescent female, but I don’t like this section much.

    Videos. As mentioned before, I love these. Particularly the song version of Namarie. Of course, as is to be expected, some videos are really interesting, some are really boring.

    However, I don’t think you should cut out on these posts entirely, just maybe reduce/boost, depending on opinion and what you like. After all, this is your blog.

    COngratulations on acquiring your own domain name, did you have to pay for it? And if you did, is it out of your own pocket, or is this site making money for you?

    Well once again, congratulations! (Hope my feedback was useful)

    • WOW!!!!! You have no idea how I loved your post! That’s exactly what I wanted and what I felt from you! You spoke openly and honestly about everything! AWESOME!

      With that kind of feedback, I’m sure Quenya101 will always get better and better, because it’s all done for you, for Tolkien fans, for Quenya students, for crazy people like me who have a die-hard passion like these!

      Your tips were all useful and be sure, it will all be heard!

      Answering what you asked: I have so far made a profit with this site of: $0.00 😀

      And yes…I paid my sweat money to acquire its own domain!

  2. brihtuhn

    I didn’t feel I should vote in the DISLIKE because I don’t “dislike” anything you post. Maybe if it said “are least interested in” then I’d vote on that one too. 🙂

    • It’s just a matter of speaking. But anyway…if you don’t “dislike”…that’s a good sign, huh?! 😀

      But please do vote on it too, if you feel like. Also you can add a comment to your vote emphasizing you’re just less interested in.

      Anyway…thank you for the feedback!

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